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Parental Sponsorship

Parental Sponsorship

Sponsor your Parent or Grandparent

In 2011, Citizenship and Immigration Canada stopped accepting new sponsored permanent residence applications for parents and grandparents in order to clear the backlog of outstanding applications. Starting on January 2, 2014, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will again be able to sponsor their parents and grand-parents for permanent residence in Canada under new, more stringent conditions.

Some of the notable new rules are the following:

• Sponsors will need to show a 30% higher minimum necessary income, depending on the number of family members and dependents in the household.

• In 2014, Canada will accept only 5,000 new applications for parents and grandparents.

• Under the new undertaking rules, the sponsors will be financially responsible for their parent and grandparents for 20 years, which is double the length under the previous regulations.

• As part of their eligibility assessment, Canadian sponsors will be required to submit their notices of assessment, as proof of income for three years, as opposed to the current one-year requirement.

• Adult brothers and sisters will no longer be able to be eligible for permanent residence as members of the family class, which is a drastic change from the current regulation which allows siblings to be included in their parents’ application as dependents.

Our Toronto family sponsorship immigration lawyer will help you to steer successfully through this new legal landscape.


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