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Immigration Lawyer for Same Sex Couples

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Gay Immigration Law for Same Sex Partners and Spouses

Canada is one of only several countries in the world that allow for same-sex sponsorships, and we are committed to assisting same-sex couples in meeting their immigration goals.Based in Toronto we are available to assist and united same-sex couples located in Canada and worldwide. As a gay immigration lawyer, practicing in Toronto, with a professional background in counselling psychology, Ivan Steele is eminently equipped to devise a winning strategy for your same-sex sponsorship application. Canadian immigration is largely based on the principle of family unification, which allows Canadian citizens and legal permanent residents to sponsor their spouses (and other family members) for immigration purposes.

Same-sex partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply to immigrate to Canada as part of the family class, and we are here to ensure that your future in Canada is in safe hands. Gay and lesbian Canadian citizens and permanent residents may file sponsored applications to obtain immigrant visas for their spouses, common-law and conjugal partners living overseas. Those who are already Canada may adjust their status to obtain permanent residency based on their marriage or a common-law relationship of at least one year to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

If you are gay and single or in a same-sex relationship but neither of you is a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident, you may be able to apply under one of the economic classes, designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If you are a same-sex couple, and at least one of you qualifies, the other may obtain permanent residence as an accompanying spouse.

All of us at Ivan Steele Law Office have personally gone through immigration procedures in Canada and/or the United States, and we are here to ensure that your experience is as painless as possible. Practicing as an immigration lawyer for the Toronto gay community, Ivan Steele has enjoyed bringing together numerous bi-national couples.

Immigration is one of the most complex and fast-changing areas of law in Canada, fraught with uncertainty and often lacking transparency. We concentrate our practice on gay and lesbian spousal sponsorships and immigration, focusing on unique issues and dynamics endemic to same-sex couples.