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Gay & Lesbian Lawyer

Gay and Lesbian Family and Immigration Law

Ivan Steele is a Toronto gay immigration lawyer and a Toronto gay family lawyer, with an extensive background in psychotherapy and alternative dispute resolution.We also provide immigration law services in Peterborough, Port Hope and Cobourg area.  Addressing practical and legal issues relating to sexual orientation has remained a core component of our legal practice. One of our firm’s core strengths is the life-experience that we share with our gay and lesbian clients. As a gay man and a lawyer, Ivan Steele understands not only our clients’ legal and practical issues in immigration and family law, but is able to empathize with each client’s situation.

Ivan’s recent quote on the front page of the National Post illustrates his passion and commitment to gay and lesbian rights: “Growing up in Serbia as a gay man, I learned early in life that the most dangerous violence comes not from the fists of the bullies and the bigots, but from the pens and the mouths of the legislatures and the silence of the judges, […] Practicing law allows me to remain watchful and safeguard the rights and lives of all Canadians’.” It is unsurprising that our paramount goal is to secure equal legal protection for our gay and lesbian clients and their families.

To learn more about divorce, spousal support, division of family property, custody arrangements, child support and many others, please click here: legal issues surrounding gay and lesbian couples.

In the context of immigration law and spousal sponsorships for permanent residence in Canada, daily realities of bi-national gay and lesbian couples offer a different set of unique challenges.

As the laws evolve and acceptance of legal equality for the LGBT community becomes a reality for all of society, we are faced with novel legal and practical issues that do not always fit a traditional approach to family and immigration law. Ivan Steele Law Office can be your guide at this turning point in the history of our fight for equal rights.

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[testemonial author=”Paul Bacon “]My wife and daughter’s permanent residency was approved in record time!! Ivan takes the time to make sure you are able to create a perfect application, including advice on the unwritten factors that could affect your application. Ivan has made dreams come true for us and I would recommend (and have) to anyone wanting to bring their family ‘home’. [/testemonial]
[testemonial author=”Rob Hopkins”]I had an excellent experience working with Ivan Steele Law Office on a number of Family law matters. They were very informative and caring. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.[/testemonial]